Rotting Angels
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This is a rating community. If you don't like the idea, leave. It's that simple. If your interests match anything on the interests list, chances are; WE WANT YOU HERE.

horrordollie *maintainer

+Rules For Applying+
o1; Put "Mother North" in the subject or LJ-cut so we know you read the rules.
o2; Don't half-ass your application. We want detailed answers.
o3; Don't bitch that it's too long. We want to know who's in this community and who's not.
o4; Don't start drama. It is okay to debate. Just not create drama.
o5; Post an app. within 75 hours of joining.
o6; If you don't know what something means: look it up. We're not going to baby you through this.

+Rules For Members+
o1; Stay active as possible.
o2; If you're leaving on vacation, leaving the community, or anything like that -- let us know.
o3; Know that horrordollie has the right to ban you, even after accepted if there are problems. She also has the right to auto-accept you, though. As well as all the other mods do.
o4; You may never reject and/or say no to a person because of their age, race, or sexual orientation. Don't ask me (horrordollie) for an age limit here. Ever. It goes against my morals to do shit like that. I'm not going to change them for a silly rating community that is pretty much worthless in it's entire existance. Yes, I know. Then, why run one? Because I was bored. (;
o5; PROMOTE. To your friends, to journals (MAKE SURE THEY ALLOW PROMOTING!), to promo communities. I don't care. At all.
o6; If you're easily offended by a simple word; leave.


(You should really check these out. If you want to be a sister community or something like it, just let one of the mods know and they'll link you here. Deal? Deal! And some of these aren't sister communites, but communities I think you should check out.)

(Please upload to your own server.)