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Before you start doing anything. Let us know...what time did you start?

Name: Laura
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: I judge not by sex but by the soul.
D/O/B: 11/24/87
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Zodiac Sign: Sag.
Dream Career: Forensic Psychologist/ Writer
Religious Beliefs: I believe in a higher power. Not necessarily a being but certainly a "strategy" or "system" for the way things work.
What makes you unique?: My experiences. My traveling days to China is an example.
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to be? Any country where the skies equal the beauty of Miami's sunrises and sunsets.
Any guilty pleasures?: Plenty, but those are on a more personal level which I'm sure I would share as time pases by for I'm a very open person. Or so I'd like to think.

Bands: Pigface, The Cure and at the moment Diary of Dreams.
Genre(s) (and subgenres, if you want) of music:
Song: "Nutopia" by Pigface
Lyric: "Eat T.V. violence on the toast that they spread."
Actress: Asia Argento
Actor: Doug Bradley
Horror Movie: HELLRAISER!
Comedy: Comedy movie? There's Something About Mary. Comedian? Not much into comedy.
Singer: Jessicka
Reality TV Show: Don't watch T.V.
LJ Community: eccentric_flair
Country: Germany
State: Massacusetts
City: South Beach
Colour: Black (wow color me original)
Book: "The Story of the Eye" by Geoges Batialle (Erotica)
Writer: Clive Barker (Horror/Fantasy)
Holiday: Halloween

George Bush: My opinion on him is very poor. Not only for a president but for a human being his positive qualities are minimal. He's not fully capable of handeling the position and has only caused turmoil for himself and the U.S. His mistakes are too grand for a supposed to be model figure. He will be in o ur history books as a dumbass.
John Kerry: I have no oinion on him. I'm not politically interested unless tested (example: G.Bush)
War: For religious beliefs I believe it is a waste of human nature's time and efforts. She puts so much umph into our tranquility, why do we insist in murdering that? Sometimes War is a must (not too certain in what circumstances)but death is never okay with me.
Racism: Any sort of discrimination I do not swallow easily.
Homophobia: equals stupidity.
Gay marriages: For. As I've said many times, perhaps then divorce rates will decrease.
Drugs: To each their own. Please use with caution and wit.
Drug Movies: Knowledge evoking is ecessary. Kids need to know about the dangers. Glorifying drugs, no.
Legalization of Marijuana: I think it would minimize the amount of people in jail for drug reports. Also, there's such thing as alcohol poisoning but no such thing with marijuana. Which is safer?
Abortion: I'm Pro Choice but not pro abortion. I think everyone should have the chance to choose what they want in their lif. I don't think people should use it as a conraceptive. COuld I myself go through with it? I don't think so.
Raves: Have fun ;).
Straightedge: Good for those. It takes a lot of will power and self discipline. Something I don't have.
Self-mutilation and suicide: Self Mutilation in the sense of "art" (IE tattoos and piercings) is alright by me. I hate to preach because I'm imperfect but I've been on the blades end. When it becomes a necessity and an addiction it stops being helpful or fun. It shouldn't be either to begin with, it never was about that for me. I have recovered from that stage and though I still long to do damage I have learned to control that part of me. Life is so much better when you don't need to harm yourself. And if you do, piercings and tattoos are hot hot hot!
Rating communities: They're alright. I think they hurt a lot of people's self esteems but that is only helpful to harden their self confidence.
DDR: No my cup of tea.
Pre-martial sex: yes Yes YES. Just be careful and use protection!
Religion, "God", and The Bible: Some people need religion in order to live. They need to believe that there is a reason for their existance. I don't like the way "God" is thrown around in the name of war. The bible is fine if not taken as if it were written in stone. We have to remember that it was done by man and not by "God". People also need to adapt to modern beliefs not to ancient ones so they need to learn to not take everything to heart.
Psychology and psychiatry: I love psychology and I find them both (psychiatry and psychology) very helpful. I have been hospitalized and hae recovered. If I'm not on my medication I am completely unfunctionable. There are some who need it. On the other hand, there are dishonest drug industries and doctors looking to score money. You have to be careful and judge what works best for you.
Eminem: No to my taste.
Variety of music taste: Open mindedness is a great quality to obtain.
Canada: I don't see why people have a problem with them. I must be missing something?
Censorship and the FCC: Our horror movies would be so much more entertaining if there was no censorship and if there was some sort of intelligent screen writers.
Queen Latifah: UGH! That's enough.
Michael Moore: Eh, doesn't really bother me or interest me. He's just there really. I've seen better doccumentaries on the History channel.
'80s Movies: Love them.

Show as many pictures as you can (or want) of you.

I just dyed my hair all black again yesterday so I don't have any pictures of that. Here are the most recent.

This is probably the closest thing I look like now.

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