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Before you start doing anything. Let us know...what time did you start?4pm 2/12/05

Scene?:I don't have no and don't see the point in having one
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Dream Career:Fashion Designer,CIA agent,writer
Religious Beliefs:Methodist
What makes you unique?:My points of view alot of times when I'm speaking to people they are surprised I could come up with the views i did.
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to be?London always wanted to go
Any guilty pleasures?:umm..the last gummy worm i just ate

Bands:linkin park, yellow card,cky,Evanessence,Good Charlotte,icp,tech 9,abk
Genre(s) (and subgenres, if you want) of music:rock,pop,rap I like most of them except country
Song:I just wanna live-Good Charlotte
Lyric:Everything falls apart / even the people who never frown / eventually break down
Linkin Park

Actress:Hallie Berry
Actor:Will Smith
Horror Movie:13 ghosts
Comedy:Teenage Mutant ninja turtles
Reality TV Show:Amazing Race-love to hear people argue
LJ Community:__iconcocks
Book:The Outsiders
Writer:J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K Rowling, S.E. Hinton

George Bush:I dislike his views on our country, I hate that he tells our country one thing and does another.
John Kerry:Hes just as much as an idiot as Bush if not worse
War:Don't think we should of ever gone people are dying for what? I very much doubt if we were in that same situation people there would be like lets go help AMERICA!
Racism:Against it don't see why it matters what color you are seems kinda primative
Homophobia:People can't help the person they were born don't see why people look down on people just for their sexual preference. If we base our life on not liking people for something petty like that then you won't know how good of a person they might be.
Gay marriages:For them. For years people have said "you can't help who you fall in love with" then shouldn't that apply to all people and not just heterosexuals.
Drugs:I personally don't do them and I don't think that other people should unless it is prescribed. Quite a few of my friends do drugs and I don't want to have to live my life with an addiction such as that.
Drug Movies:Funny
Legalization of Marijuana:No,It's still a drug and I think the only way you should be able to get it is if you have cancer or something like that,people says its not harmful but I'm sure if its laced than you'll think differently.
Abortion:It really depends because I don't think that if you just got pregnant you should have the choice because it was your fault and you shouldn't blame the baby for it, but if your say raped or something I could understand why you would want to have an abortion.
Raves:Never been to one but I've been told they're fun.
Straightedge:I honestly don't have ab opinion on this subject
Self-mutilation and suicide:I really can't see why anyone would want to do that to themselves. There are other options recently one of my closest friends tried to kill himself and I really feel like your hurting so many other people that you don't even realize.
Rating communities:They are entertaining
DDR:I've played it before and it is really addicting
Pre-martial sex:If your ready then by all means go ahead its their choice.
Religion, "God", and The Bible:I believe in some of the bible but some is a little fishy
Psychology and psychiatry:I wanted to be a psychiatrist before my sister told me that their isn't very many jobs.... The way the human mind works is extremely fasinating to me.
Eminem:I like how he's his own person and doesn't give a crap what others think.
Variety of music taste:Its important because it shows that your not only open to different things it shows that you have a personality. I couldn't just listen to one type of music that would get boring REAL fast
Canada:Ha i think they are silly
Censorship and the FCC:I understand why there is censorship but it gets kinda annoying when you can't buy a cd at kmart or whatever if your not 18 when EVERYWHERE else its 17!
Queen Latifah:I thinks shes funnah..
Michael Moore:I like how he shows certain peoples true self.
'80s Movies:They Are GREAT! I like most of them some of them are better then the movies out today!

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