Candi (horrordollie) wrote in rotting__angels,

Let's discuss the rules.

'Kay. So, I think this is long overdue. If you don't like it the solution to the problem is to leave the community.

First off, I've been asked why we don't have an age limit set. It's against me and my morals to judge a person based on age and like the info page states I'm not dumb enough to give up my morals for some silly rating community that's pretty much worthless in it's entire existance. This community is nothing serious. It's a game. It shouldn't even be as serious as some of you make it. You get so frustrated over a persons' age when years ago you were getting frustrated that people were judging you by yours.

There are tons of intelligent kids that are younger than you. I'm seventeen and know quite a few kids under the age of thirteen. They know bigger words than me and trust me I know big words. There is such thing as a child prodigy. You are not elite because of your age and if you think so then I suggest you leave. Leave now.

Let's move onto the next thing; you guys are failing to promote. You tell me (other than the ones who have posted) "I just haven't had the time", but here you are promoting the other communities you're in. It makes no sense, really. Find another excuse and maybe that'll be okay by me.

Another thing::
This didn't happen here but in another community -- if you're easily offended by one word that exists; leave. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Words do not make themselves offensive, people do. Fag is a synonym. Fuck is a synonym. I can understand getting offended at the word "Fag" if it's used to insult you and your sexual orientation, but to say it's "ignorant" when someone says it in jest is just plain silly. Especially when over 95% of homosexuals refer to themselves as "faggots" and find it complimentary. Don't tell me I'm homophobic or don't know what I'm talking about. You have no idea that I do understand what I'm talking about. Over 75% of my friends are of the GLBT community. I mean, if you feel like somebody's saying it towards you to offend you - come to me and they'll be banned. But, if someone's just talking about an opinion on a band and says "It's gay" - I'm not going to care.

Don't like what I just said? Fine. Nobody's making you stay.

Other than that, there's no need to worry.


ps. This isn't directed at anybody specifically so don't freak out and nobody's being banned or kicked out. It's just a reminder. So, chill.
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