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Mother North - New App


Time did you start? 5:15

Name: Robert - From the band Abney Park (thats how found this community: Abney Park is listed in this communities "interests")
Age: eleventysix
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight, but twisted
D/O/B: May 27th, 1970
Location: Between two painos, a the righting desk in the Paino room in my house in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Scene?: I live for afterparties, so "yes" I'm in "the Scene". Which scene? Here is a hint:

So lets recap: I'm in Abney Park, I party iwth The Last Dance, Crxshadows, Etc...see if you can guess which scene.
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Dream Career: Being me. Its alot of fun.
Religious Beliefs: Wow, this is a hugely big one. Since I can't imagine you guys really want the full story here, I will post below. This will make it easier for you to skip. ;)
What makes you unique?: I traveled around the world 8 times before I was 8 years old. I have lived with tribal peoples all over the world. I spend my time money and passion on my music, as do a few others. I was kicked out of Knotts Berry Farm when I was 16 for jumping a train.
At the writing desk between to pianos in the Paino room of the my house...but my house, that'd be on stilts ove rthe river Maykong.
Any guilty pleasures?: Tea. Pipe. Incense. Adventure. Old Books - preferably old adventure books. Day Dreams shared with friends.

Bands: Peter Murphy, Dead Can Dance, VAS, Garmarna, and Dr. Steel!
Genre(s) (and subgenres, if you want) of music: Anything thats either from someplace exotic, or makes you feel like you are someplace exotic
Song: Oh, lord. Please. One song?? Well, currently "X Marks The Spot" by Dr. Steel is stuck in my head.
Lyric: Dear Ophielia, I love you dear. I'm sorry that I havn't been here. ;)
Actress:Hummmm. Don't quote be on this, but that Scarlett Johansen is yummy
Actor: Maybe Hugh Jackman? Or Liam Neeson. I havn't given that much thought.
Horror Movie: Metropolis (but if you need more mainstream Horror, I'd say Armies of Darkness is just plain awsome. Sean of the dead recently floats my boat, too.)
Comedy: Eh. I havn't seen a good one in a long time.
Singer: Traci Nemeth - she gets us good reviews.
Reality TV Show: Holy fuck, no. Okay okay, I'll calm down. I'm very anti TV, but my mom was actually in a reality show: The Colonail House.
LJ Community: Goth Royality
Country: Thailand (wait, you want favorite, or residance?)
State: Eh...I guess Washington.
City: Chicago - it purdy, for a city.
Colour: Brown. Brown is the new Black. If your still wearing all black, you havn't been in the scene very long...or you don't get easily bored.
Book: Lost Horizon 1st. The Amber Spyglass 2cd.
Writer: Phillip Pullman
Holiday: Halloween, of course! Although, my birthday rocked VERY hard this year.

George Bush: Let me down
John Kerry: Do people still remember him?
War: A fact of life. Human Life, Animal Life, Plant Life, Viral Life. Get over it.
Racism: A lack of exposure. People are people, no matter were they are from: some are bad, so are good.
Homophobia: Honestly, if you take that word apart, its means "fear for things the same as yourself." THAT, I have! But in all serious, I see it like this: gay men, knock yourselfs out. Gay women: have good taste! Bi-anybody, open minded, good for you!
Gay marriages: Why the hell not! Some one give me ONE GOOD REASON why not.
Drugs: I could use somthing for a headache I've got.
Drug Movies: Boring.
Legalization of Marijuana: Natural Selection, ACTIVATE!
Abortion: Avoid if you can, but if you make it illegal, I'm gunna have a problem. Life is long and complicated, and nobody knows everybodys circumstances. Also, that are just too many people in the world, no point making breeding manditory.
Raves: Like, illegal dances? Thats an "Issue"? Come on, its a fucking party.
Straightedge: If its your recovery, good for you. If you started there, and are making a big deal out of it, god man, get a life.
Self-mutilation and suicide: NOT the same thing. Suicide=too depressed to see the options, but there are ALWAYS options.
Rating communities: I'll let you know. ;)
DDR: Dogs Doing Raindeers?? Um, okay, I guess I've seen stranger. (Know clue what DDR is)
Pre-martial sex: Should be required prior to marrage.
Religion, "God", and The Bible: Those are three very seperate words.
Psychology and psychiatry: "Get over it", "here, take this". My father was the first of the two, and didn't have nice things to say about the later. I still trying to make room in my head for the later.
Eminem: uh, you may keep him.
Variety of music taste: ? Yes please?
Canada: neat?
Censorship and the FCC: I got no problem giving people a heads up, so parents can be selective - but thats only becuase there is no currant way for a parent to preview the whole thing prior to purchasing.
Queen Latifah: Neat?
Michael Moore: That fat guy, that makes all the conspiracy theories? Ywan. I'm not saying he's not right, I'm just saying it bores me.
'80s Movies: Rock on. 80's music, too.


Promote us in once and link us. How you want this done, a bannr on my info page or somthing? If so, coming up.

FInshed: 5:54

I took that “Belief-o-Matic” test, the one that questions you about religion and your beliefs, and it was just way off base. Most of the questions I had to answer “known of the above”. It said “Secular Humanist”, and then defined what that was – and I thought “not even close”.

I decide, for my own benefit, I would lay down what my beliefs are; in the same format the test presented the worlds various religions. Feel in no way obligate to read this, I’m only sending it out because some of you might understand my weird opinions better this way, and some of you might enjoy debating some of these points.

The Church of Robert
The Church Of Heroics?

Belief in Deity:

There is no deity

Origin of the Universe:

All we have is a working theory, but that’s probably good enough for now. It’s not super important how it all began, or where it’s all going. What matters is what we do with the time we have.

After Death:

Since nobody has come back to life with any real clear memory, it’s pretty safe to say “we got no idea’. Again, what matters is what we do with the time we have.

Dominate Species:

No one life form on this planet is more important then any other. Plants, animals, and humans are all equally important, and equally own the earth. That said, humans have taken WAY more then there fare share!


The default state of the universe is evil, and dead. Sometimes things happen that are good for some living creatures, but more often things happen that are bad for living creatures (this is the definition of evil).

The third scenario is that things happen that are good for some, but bad for others. This makes the event “neutral” – neither Good nor Evil. (see: “Nuances”, before jumping to any conclusions here)


All actions are either good, evil or neutral.

All living things in existence have an Intent (consciousness doesn’t seem to be necessary for a living thing to strive towards a goal). The more complex the thing, the more complex it’s Intent. For example, a tree’s main Intent is to grow. It might have the minor Intent turning its leaves to face the sun. A person might have many Intents, like happiness, staying alive, getting to the beach, eating a sandwich, etc. (notice many different levels of intents – they are not all equal).

Things that are bad:

1. Preventing something from its “intent”. For example, a dog is intent on is living – so killing a dog would be bad. A dog is intent on being happy, so making one sad is “evil” but not as evil as killing it.

Things that are good:

1. Helping something to toward its “intent”. For example, a dog is intent on living and being happy, so feeding him is a “good” thing.
2. Preventing something that would be bad. Example: stopping someone from killing a dog.

Things that are neutral:

1. If you kill one animal to feed to another, that act is neutral, neither good nor bad. (a nuance here might be “could that animal have stayed alive on another food source.” See: important nuances)
2. If you help a tree to grow, by killing another tree, that act is neutral.

Prioritizing Intent:

How do you know when one intent is more important then another? Normally, the simpler intents are more important then complex. (example: a dog staying alive is more important then me getting my iPod charged.) This is just a guide line, it’s not absolute.


Since there is no proof of afterlife, our salvation has to occur during this life. Salvation is not really a term I’d use, but living “enlightened” might be the nearest thing.

I do believe in Karma – not so much as a magical force, but more as a statistical force: if you are an ass, it turns others into assess, and that will eventually bite you in the ass. If the whole world lives selfishly, then it becomes a horrible world to live in. (note: this is relevant to economics)

So, in order to counter balance the evil in the universe, all living things must constantly be striving to add the “good” to the universe. To be enlightened is to know that it is your responsibly to do good, and to prevent evil. Doing so will make your life good, by creating a world to live in that is more good then evil. This is the “meaning of life”, this is why all living things are here, and this is the responsibility of all living things. (ßthis is the most important part of this whole philosophy)

Keep in mind that some life forms (some humans, and some dogs, horses, etc.) are aware of the need to do good, they are enlightened – most are not yet aware.

Undeserving Suffering

Undeserved suffering is the default state of the universe.

Important Nuances

Sometimes an “evil” thing needs to occur for a “good” thing to occur. For example: you can not feed a tiger lettuce, so in order for a Tiger to live, other things must die. The Nuance is that you can minimize the effect of the “evil”.

For example, when pigs are raised to be eaten, they can either live a long full life (by pig standards), or they can be slaughtered as soon as they are big enough to be eaten. A pig farmer would chose to slaughter them sooner, since it costs him less, but that is an “evil” thing, since he is preventing all those animals from their “intent”, which is to live as long and happily as they can.
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