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Before you start doing anything. Let us know...what time did you start?

Name: Chloe.
Age: 15.
Gender: Let me think about this one.. *female*
Sexuality: Straight.
D/O/B: 19.08.1989
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Scene?:I don't belong to a "scene"
Zodiac Sign: Leo.
Dream Career: I want to be one of those police detective things. Damn right.
Religious Beliefs: I'm not a religious person, sorry.
What makes you unique?: My obsessing with buses?
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to be? On Holiday with a very fit man. =O
Any guilty pleasures?: Depends what you mean by that? ;)

Bands: Hole, No Doubt, Duran Duran, Jamiroquai, Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay, Mariyln Manson.
Genre(s) (and subgenres, if you want) of music: I like a lot of music, some dance, some pop *runs away* some garage, and a lot of rock music. =)
Song: At the minute I like these songs; Hole- "Use once and Destroy" and Duran Duran- "The Reflex"
Lyric: "Don't want to be around when this gets out. Whyyyyyyy dontcha use ittttttttt. try not to bruise ittttt" The Reflex is a good song. *nods*
Actress: Angelina Jolie is cool. *nod*
Actor: I'm not even going to go there. :)
Horror Movie: Not sure.
Comedy: Little Britain. I want that one, don't like it.
Singer: I like Robbie Williams. *curls up and dies*
Reality TV Show: I liked big brother, 'till it got to the 4th series.
LJ Community: I like the Duran Duran community I am in.
Country: England. :o
State: I've always wanted to go to New York. Can't say a favourite state. as I've never been to America. =)
City: London!
Colour: Blue.
Book: I don't want to seem immature, but I don't really like books all that much. Most of my free time I am on the internet or playing computer games. No books, sorry. x
Writer: Michelle Bailey is a good writer. :) (my friend)
Holiday: Timbuktu. ;)

George Bush: Oh God. He's EVERYWHERE, and he just annoys me. The world would be a better place without him.
John Kerry: Agh. Another one? =|
War: War doesn't solve anything, more people just get hurt with war?
Racism: I think Racism is out of order. But with the Asylum seekers, well that's another story.
People shouldn't be judged by the colour of their skin, but by who they are inside. :)
Homophobia: Homophobia makes me sick! So what if someones gay? it's there life, get the hell over yourselves.
Gay marriages: I think it's dead sweet. If the person wants to get married to someone of the same sex, sure, let them go for it. It's there life, right? ^_^
Drugs: omg im so straight edge. Nah. Drugs aren't for me, saying that.. if someone offered me some "e" I would probably take it.. Drugs? sure why not? there's always gunna be drugs around anyway. *Crap answer*
Drug Movies: It's only a movie, it annoys me when people get in a stress because of something they've seen on T.V, or in a movie that they don't agree with or something. =S
Legalization of Marijuana: Sure, why not? it's legal in some countrys (such as Amsterdam) They should legalize it in other countries/places. .. because if they do that, maybe little kids wont think it's so "cool" going around bragging about smoking weed and stuff, because they think it's cool doing something that's against the law?.. don't the police have better things to do than chase up dealers anyway? o_o
Abortion: It's the womans choice, not the governments. Damn right.
Raves: Like those party things? Maybe when I am older? sure, why not?
Straightedge: Erm, whatever.
Self-mutilation and suicide: If people want to commit suicide, then sure go for it. We're all going to die anyway.
Rating communities: Some of them are so fucking stupid. I find it funny when people go "Oh, you like old men. omg buzz off u preppy slag!11" Yeah. The idea of them is to try and not take it all personally. =P
DDR: Not sure what that is, sorry.
Pre-martial sex: Heh, sure. As long as you don't get pregnant. o_o
Religion, "God", and The Bible: Over-rated. Shut up. God doesn't exsist, that's what I believe, anyway.
Psychology and psychiatry: I wanted to do Psychology at school, for a GCSE, but I chose Sociology instead. ._. I don't really have any opinions psychiatry because.. It's not something I've had to deal with.. yet.
Eminem: He's fucking everywhere. And he really annoys me. His older music was good, though.
Variety of music taste: Of course. You shouldn't judge people on what they listen to.
Canada: I don't like the sound of Canada for some reason..
Censorship and the FCC: Clo-ee is a dumb one.
Queen Latifah: Erm. Sure.
Michael Moore: I don't know him...
'80s Movies: Are cool?

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Not sure what was up with the last pic. o_o

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